Funeral Quest is a travesty of lemonade stands, sim games and common decency in general. Basically you open a funeral parlor and handle customers. The aim is to gain Burial Points (which is your ranking) and earn tags (currency), while engaging in a spot of skullduggery to advance your standing and income.

You will have four economic classes of customers, from Poor to Super-Rich, with a variety of emotions when they visit you. Your aim is to get them to buy the most expensive funeral they can afford. If you push them over their limit, they'll go to the competition. You can use Guilt and Sympathy to increase their willingness to spend, and Hard Sell and Soft Sell to increase the amount of money you'll be getting.

In the meantime, other events await your attention, such as the presence of ancient scrolls, run-down gravestones and opportunities for necroporn (in case it's not obvious, this game is not kid safe). Doing the moral thing will always get you a small amount of Burial Points... but doing the wrong thing is not only more fun, but will either gain or lose a large amount of points. To make matters even more fun, Funeral Quest features Player vs. Player (PvP) battle! Increase your strength at the University, buy up knuckledusters and body armor and beat up the competition. You even have the opportunity to hire someone to arsonist another funeral parlor. There are heaps more fun things to do, you'll just have to explore them all.

There are a number of servers that host Funeral Quest and their versions of the game may be different. I play on the A2K4.COM server ( HERE ), which has comparatively few players and a simple version of the game, but other servers have mods which allow you to buy guns, gamble and other developments.

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