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We are bringing alot of our game servers back online, Especially the RETRO ones like Unreal Tournament, Half-Life, Counter Strike, Left For Dead and more.  Giving the website a total overhaul as well but feel free to check out what have going so far.  ENJOY!

WildCat WinServer - Retro Telnet access & Retro Files

Telnet://a2k4.com:2300    or    http://a2k4.com

Over 30+ Registered Door Games like LORD, TW2002, And More.  Over 540,000 Files available in Downloads.  Large Selection of BBS System Software and Online Doors.  All Night Owl, Simtel, and Walnut Creek BBS CD-ROM Loaded on System.  Duke Nukem, Doom I/II, Hexen, Commander Keen and more.  FULL ACCESS ON FIRST CALL

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[ GoldenEye : Source is HERE ]

The Classic Nintendo 64 Game GoldenEye has new life with this self installing Half-Life 2 Mod.  AMAZING graphics and audio.  Click above, Checkout the Videos, then download the client and we will see you online at      [ A2K4.COM ]



We run one of  the largest Unreal Tournament Servers in the World.  Ranked By Epic Games.  All Custom Maps, 15 Different Servers & Game Types.  Super Fast UZ2 redirector and downloadable map packs and skins.  Seasonal Maps ALL YEAR ROUND - Xmas & Halloween.  Fully loaded with CLAN Maps From MPC and Others.  FREE... ENJOY!!


Now Back to A2K4.COM Our Own PRIVATE Vanilla 1.12.1 Server.  Sign Up Today and PLAY!  Unlimited Play with your friends ALL FOR FREE!  I will have step by step instructions for you and you can download the Client Right from here.  Approx 4.9Gigs for client.  Download and Enjoy.

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Funeral Quest Fun Has Returns with a new SERVER!   90 Day Tournament WIN REAL PRIZES! 

Click on [ FQ ] And Play Today.

??What Is Funeral Quest??  ( READ THIS ) 

Send All E-Mails to -> jonspatz@hotmail.com <-



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